Measurement and analysis of vital indicators

LCARDIO – blood pressure measurement taking into account geolocation and weather factors


The LCARDIO App allows to track and store your arterial pressure figures and also predict them, based on the weather and the location. This was made possible by the use of Machine Learning technologies. A lot of outside factors are considered in the arterial pressure prediction: here are some of them:

  • GPS location;
  • Altitude;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • Outside temperature;
  • Air humidity;
  • Intensity of geo magnetic storms.
3 simple ways for use
Connect the device
Measure the pressure
Synchronise the data with the App



24640 KZT 4500 RUB 68 USD

LCARDIO blood pressure monitor (LS808). The monitor features blood pressure measurement, pulse rate measurement and the result storage.



Automatic notification of your relatives and your doctor
Determination of normal blood pressure, based on a Machine Learning
Predict of blood pressure – up to 10 days anywhere in the world
Attractive cost of devices, free software with a predictive of 3 days
Access data from anywhere and from any device
One Application – control of several vital indicators
Wireless data transfer via smartphone and cloud
Wireless blood pressure measurement

For users

  • Tracking the dynamics of arterial pressure and its analysis for a period of your choice
  • A prediction of arterial pressure 10 days ahead in any part of the world 

  • Notifying your family and your doctor if your numbers get critical

  • Remote monitoring and tracking important life figures of family 

For doctors

  • A useful data base of your patients 
  • Instant Notification in case figures of your patients above a critical level

  • Extended analytics and prediction methods

LCardio App

LCARDIO App is your daily tool which will help you measure your arterial pressure, record Cholesterine levels, body mass and heart rate. It’s also easy to track the state of your loved ones. Your doctor may always control yours health remotely and give you tips.

Free download

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